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Here you will find a collection of a few different arts and crafts I create from my home in White Rock, BC on the beautiful west coast in Canada. I will present some pictures of my work as well as ideas and thoughts about the creative process and nature's inspiration. Thank you for visiting and I hope your eyes enjoy themselves!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ

I have done many kinds of lampshades over the years. I will often recycle old drapes and hand die them as they make wonderful lampshades. I also love using chiffon fabrics with embroidery and raw silk to create a more oriental style or just mixing all kinds of fabric into one lampshade and create a multi-coloured panel lampshade to make it even more fun and unique.
The next two pics are my latest creations. First one has a beaded fringe all handmade with black oxydized steel wire and tcheque cut glass beads. I have done a few of these lampshades in small or medium size and many combination of colours. These warm colours are my personnal favorite.


ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ

~ These incense holders are made with polymer clay with gemstones, shells, wood and glass beads inlaid into the clay. They are finished with acrylic paint and/or with a clear lustre finish for a long lasting usage. EAch piece is unique and comes with lots of careful details like vines, leaves or squiggle patterns giving them a very whimsical feel to them. ~


ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ

~ The following pieces are just examples of work that I have done throughout the years. Some of them have been sold or are currently in display in a store. However, these are motifs that I work with in different versions with various colours of stones. I can also repeat a pattern almost exactly but every piece will always have its uniqueness because of the nature of wirework and its unpredictability which creates the magic in a piece in the first place. ~

I make my own earring hooks with round half-hard sterling silver wire adding various semi-precious stones or mother of pearl. I love matching the classy little squiggle shape with a nice fresh water pearl. They are very delicate, classy and have little artsy look to them. I also make earrings with a 10k gold filled wire for earrings that look a little more elegant and chic.

Monday, January 25, 2010


ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ ღஜღ

I worked on and off over the years trying to perfect different techniques like wirework, beadwork and silver work. Most recently, I have been working with polymer clay.

It is a joy to create with polymer clay. Each stone has a different energy and usually people gravitate towards the stones that naturally feel good to them. These pendants are all finished with acrylic paint and strung onto a cotton string with slip knots to adjust to any desired lenght.

It has a been a journey to bring out these pieces and slowly everyday a new shape is coming out expressing itself and I feel I don't have much else to do than to just follow the curves and the soft lines just as if nature is whispering in my ears and telling me what to do...

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I also make a simple little cap on top of each stone with a few details that come to me as natural as possible (meaning without putting too much thought into it) so each piece is unique and original in its own way.